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Word of the day...INSPIRATION.  The first week of December Miami plays host to ART BASEL.  I wait for it all year - it is one of my most favorite things to do.  HUGE tents are set up through out the city(stretching blocks long, wood floors, glass doors, A/C, restaurants, hundreds of booths and VIP sections), out door sculptures and installations appear around every corner(a Caterpillar tractor completely covered with a knitted fitted blanket sitting on the side of the road), complete hotels are transformed into art galleries(each room is emptied out and then filled with art), collectors, gallery owners, artists and art lovers converge and all of Miami is transformed into an art fair.  It started over a decade ago when Miami and Basel Switzerland became sister cities and we took on the winter season's already popular art convention - but of course with Miami flare.

Yes, there are Picasso's, Miro's, Calder's and Monet's but what really gets my juices running are the up-and-coming innovators.  I feel like a bone dry car getting filled with premium petrol when I walk out of these events.  Every cell in my body is buzzing and my soul is on fire - ready to burn the creative candle again.  The colors, shapes, energy, textures all inspire and fuel my inner artist.  It is a daunting task to take it all in, so when the feet need a moment and a treasured empty chair is found the people watching becomes the new highlight.  Art lovers from all over the planet are in one city, focused on seeing as much as their brains will absorb.  Sometimes I am not sure which is more interesting - the art or the people there to see and be seen.  I want to talk to them all, learn from them, absorb their passions, talents and knowledge.  

In the end all are exhausted yet motivated, encouraged, roused, energized, excited and affected.  Life's perspective has been moved up a notch.  Sparked into an new level of existence.  The blood, sweat and tears the artists have poured into their masterpieces have now enriched our lives and we are all a little more enlightened and forever changed for the better.


Prominent themes were FEMINISM, ACTIVISM and DEFIANCE.  Yes all in caps and very bold!! 


A Touch of GOLD

Water Influences

The Absurd, Bold, Funny and ALL BEAUTIFUL

Done by a Korean artist.  Hand etched glass.  The shadow adds depth and the whole illusion is of water on the wall.  FASCINATING


THE WINNER! Our Favorite


Inspired by an photo of a farmer during The Depression.  People just stood around staring at it.  The size, vibrancy, colors, gold, subject all came together to make this one of the most stunning pieces in all of ART MIAMI.  

Transforming Negative Emotions

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Once in a while we have Goddess Gatherings, bringing women together to expand our horizons while supporting and encouraging each other.  This past weekend we gathered under the New Moon in Scorpio.  Moon energy is about emotions and Scorpio energy deals with becoming more conscious and to allow something that does not serve us anymore to die so a new beginning can be born.  We focused on negative emotions which suck the energy out of us. 


Sit quietly and take a look at the scope of your life.  Single out a discouraging pattern that keeps re-occurring, perhaps a consistent struggle with finances, our love life or career etc.  Then identify the overpowering emotion/feeling that always seems to accompany this situation.  On an unconscious level this emotion/feeling has mastery over us.  We believe it to be stronger than we are, and we go to great lengths to avoid the pain we think it will cause us.   

Our intention isn't to get rid of this emotion/feeling but rather to make it our "noble teacher" and bring it back into the whole where we once thought we were broken or fragmented. Like the Phoenix, the negative aspect will die and from the ashes be re-born into a positive tool to help us grow and mature and move beyond the re-occurring situation. As Wayne Dyer so wisely stated "When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change".  That which we resist - persists.  Until we face our fears surrounding this particular "issue" we are caught is a vicious cycle and it will only become more extreme.  This is not a punishment.  Our lives, higher-selves, universe (whatever it is that is greater than our self) is just talking to us.  We are meant to be happy and being uncomfortable is just a form of communication.  A poke to wake us up and help us realize that we are not living authentically and we need to make some changes.

How do we do this?  Take frustration for example.  Where is the blessing?  It can be a motivator.  Use it as an indicator that it is time to take action before we find ourselves in an overly frustrating situation again.  How about insecurity? If this is a re-occurring emotion we can then focus on doing things that build our confidence.  We can also work on being comfortable with insecurity.  The feeling of security is just an illusion we use to comfort ourselves.  Find joy in the chaos, mystery and the "unknown" of life.  Unhappiness - lack of joy.  Use this emotion to learn more about human behavior.  So much is being written now on happiness.  For instance, scientists have found that the part of the brain that lights up when we exhibit compassion also overlaps with the happiness area.  Go out and do some volunteer work, increase compassion and your brain will automatically do the rest.  The list goes on and on.  Research the emotion - become an expert and heal yourself.  That will give you confidence along with so many other benefits.

Once we have worked on "deathing" the old belief about the negativity of our emotion/feeling and "re-birthed" it into a positive force we then must bring it into our everyday life.  The New Moon is when we want to set intentions for the coming month.  This can be your internal project for the next 30 days.  It is not an easy course - it takes vigilance, but the rewards are a happier, less stressful existence.  And when we work on ourselves we elevate the energy and vibration of our daily lives, those who are close to us and eventually the world.  Imagine if everyone did this type of work on themselves?

To help stay focused recite a positive affirmation or mantra to change the neurological path ways in your brain.  Instead of letting your inner dialogue strengthen the belief you are frustrated, insecure or unhappy recite "My actions are successful", I am confident" I am Joyful".  Wash your brain of the negative and replace it with the positive.  Write in on your bathroom mirror so you start your day on a positive note.  Read uplifting articles and books to raise your vibration.  Find a talisman to carry with you, or wear something that can be a gentle reminder to stay tough - to do your inner work when the situation, emotion or feeling pops up again.  Every time you move to conscious behavior instead of reacting you are overcoming the hold this emotion/feeling has on you.  You are now becoming the master and moving into a more enlightened state of being.  

We would love to hear from you.  If you have any thoughts or experiences, please share.  Tell us how you handle negative emotions and how you help yourself not just cope but rise above and thrive.  We are working on this project this whole month and any suggestions or insight is greatly appreciated.  Together we can do this!!  Sharing elevates us all.

Talisman/Charm Bracelets

Talisman/Charm Bracelets

Add your own meaning


Chakra Bracelets

Each corresponds to a specific aspect of our lives.



Crystal LOVE


Look what we found!!  

Okay, so we did not design or make these - but we wish we did.  Sometimes we just have to share things we find.  We fell in love immediately.  They are so perfect for that added HOLIDAY bling.  AND these beauties can be worn as a NECKLACE or BRACELET. 

Approximately 60 inches of hand-knotted crystals.  Wear as a long strand (maybe knotted) or wrap two to three times to really make your outfit sparkle.  Right now we are all digging wrapping it around our wrists for some serious arm candy. STATEMENT BRACELET indeed!

Comes in 8 wonderfully festive colors: Red - Blue - Cream - Gold - Silver - Grey - Turquoise & Green.

COMES IN A GOSSAMER GIFT POUCH - Perfect for gift giving!!

Comes with Gossamer Gift Pouch - great for gift giving!!

Comes with Gossamer Gift Pouch - great for gift giving!!

In the beginning...


So many have asked how we got started.  I actually love this story - it is so symbolic!  Years ago a friend from childhood moved to Miami and found me by googling for a yoga class.  We had lost touch over the years and she had no idea I lived here or was a yoga teacher.  It was a special reunion because both our mother's were pregnant with us while they were friends in art school - I am two weeks older.  So in essence we are soul sisters.  

One day she had a difficult meeting to attend and I sent her love the whole time.  While doing so I wished I had given her something to keep in her pocket - to touch and remind herself to hang tough.  I was teaching chakra classes at the time and came up with CHAKRA BRACELETS.  Each one color specific and symbolizing the qualities of each chakra, to be worn as a gentle reminder to stay focused on whatever one was working on.  Back then the internet was new and I had never seen or heard of any before.  So I set about creating a line of bracelets.  The twist is that I had never made jewelry before and didn't know how to finish the bracelets off.  But my dear friend did!  So she basically helped me start my business which was born out of the desire to help her.

I started wearing them to my classes and yes - my sweet students started buying them off my wrists.  That is how this whole adventure started and what a journey it has been.  Everyday I am full of gratitude and awe at the little miracles each day can present.

My first creations - CHAKRA BRACELETS made from glass beads and pewter

My first creations - CHAKRA BRACELETS made from glass beads and pewter

Our current CHAKRA BRACELET designs


Adjustable One-Size-Fits-All

Quartz, Swarovski Crystals with 14k Gold Filled LOTUS Charm.  

Back of the card has explanation of the qualities of the chakra.

Chakra description on back of cards

chakra 10.jpg