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In the beginning...


So many have asked how we got started.  I actually love this story - it is so symbolic!  Years ago a friend from childhood moved to Miami and found me by googling for a yoga class.  We had lost touch over the years and she had no idea I lived here or was a yoga teacher.  It was a special reunion because both our mother's were pregnant with us while they were friends in art school - I am two weeks older.  So in essence we are soul sisters.  

One day she had a difficult meeting to attend and I sent her love the whole time.  While doing so I wished I had given her something to keep in her pocket - to touch and remind herself to hang tough.  I was teaching chakra classes at the time and came up with CHAKRA BRACELETS.  Each one color specific and symbolizing the qualities of each chakra, to be worn as a gentle reminder to stay focused on whatever one was working on.  Back then the internet was new and I had never seen or heard of any before.  So I set about creating a line of bracelets.  The twist is that I had never made jewelry before and didn't know how to finish the bracelets off.  But my dear friend did!  So she basically helped me start my business which was born out of the desire to help her.

I started wearing them to my classes and yes - my sweet students started buying them off my wrists.  That is how this whole adventure started and what a journey it has been.  Everyday I am full of gratitude and awe at the little miracles each day can present.

My first creations - CHAKRA BRACELETS made from glass beads and pewter

My first creations - CHAKRA BRACELETS made from glass beads and pewter

Our current CHAKRA BRACELET designs


Adjustable One-Size-Fits-All

Quartz, Swarovski Crystals with 14k Gold Filled LOTUS Charm.  

Back of the card has explanation of the qualities of the chakra.

Chakra description on back of cards

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