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The Wisdom of Art - established 2003



Word of the day...INSPIRATION.  The first week of December Miami plays host to ART BASEL.  I wait for it all year - it is one of my most favorite things to do.  HUGE tents are set up through out the city(stretching blocks long, wood floors, glass doors, A/C, restaurants, hundreds of booths and VIP sections), out door sculptures and installations appear around every corner(a Caterpillar tractor completely covered with a knitted fitted blanket sitting on the side of the road), complete hotels are transformed into art galleries(each room is emptied out and then filled with art), collectors, gallery owners, artists and art lovers converge and all of Miami is transformed into an art fair.  It started over a decade ago when Miami and Basel Switzerland became sister cities and we took on the winter season's already popular art convention - but of course with Miami flare.

Yes, there are Picasso's, Miro's, Calder's and Monet's but what really gets my juices running are the up-and-coming innovators.  I feel like a bone dry car getting filled with premium petrol when I walk out of these events.  Every cell in my body is buzzing and my soul is on fire - ready to burn the creative candle again.  The colors, shapes, energy, textures all inspire and fuel my inner artist.  It is a daunting task to take it all in, so when the feet need a moment and a treasured empty chair is found the people watching becomes the new highlight.  Art lovers from all over the planet are in one city, focused on seeing as much as their brains will absorb.  Sometimes I am not sure which is more interesting - the art or the people there to see and be seen.  I want to talk to them all, learn from them, absorb their passions, talents and knowledge.  

In the end all are exhausted yet motivated, encouraged, roused, energized, excited and affected.  Life's perspective has been moved up a notch.  Sparked into an new level of existence.  The blood, sweat and tears the artists have poured into their masterpieces have now enriched our lives and we are all a little more enlightened and forever changed for the better.


Prominent themes were FEMINISM, ACTIVISM and DEFIANCE.  Yes all in caps and very bold!! 


A Touch of GOLD

Water Influences

The Absurd, Bold, Funny and ALL BEAUTIFUL

Done by a Korean artist.  Hand etched glass.  The shadow adds depth and the whole illusion is of water on the wall.  FASCINATING


THE WINNER! Our Favorite


Inspired by an photo of a farmer during The Depression.  People just stood around staring at it.  The size, vibrancy, colors, gold, subject all came together to make this one of the most stunning pieces in all of ART MIAMI.