Ajna Designs Jewelry

The Wisdom of Art - established 2003


Wife and husband team, Jennifer Ryan and Paolo Arceri, use semiprecious stones to create unique works of art that not only please the eye, but are charged with healing qualities.
Paolo designs his pieces with Italian sensibility and style while Jennifer uses her knowledge of yoga philosophy, reiki and energetic healing to create wearable art that is beautiful and soothing to the soul.

Ajna is a sanskrit word referring to the third eye - the seat of consciousness and the soul. The Ajna Chakra is an energy center located between the eyebrows and holds the energy for wisdom, intuition, creativity (especially inspired creativity), our connection to our higher selves and our spiritual source.
Hence, Ajna Designs Jewelry - The Wisdom of Art.

Art is such an important part of living a fully expressed life. It gives us joy and passion and helps us appreciate the beauty of this world. Creating or enjoying art activates the right side of the brain, which helps us balance the more logical, reasoning aspects. Both are very important in bringing balance to our lives. So, we hope you enjoy these specially designed pieces of art. They are an expression of the beauty we wish to bring into the world. They are also made with semiprecious stones which vibrate with the earths healing and loving energy. So wear them as portable art and in good health.


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